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The story of our CTO & CEO

Nikola Zeljković

CTO & Co-founder

Mladen Grujičić

CEO & Co-founder

What united the two of us is a joint vision that one day we will lead and support the development of a team of amazing people who will help us create amazing solutions that change peoples lives for the better.


That we will all work in an environment where people love to come every day, full of joy, creativity, prosperity, and where joint growth and success come before individual victories.


Our mission is to support the development of exceptional people so we can work together on the most challenging and valuable business solutions.


Key things that we strive to bring with us, every single day are:

  1. To keep the quality of our work the highest possible.
  2. To stay hungry for new knowledge and skills.
  3. To keep in mind that in the first place we are all human beings, with a wide scope of emotions, fears and everyday struggles.

Hear the voices of our teammates

At least, some of them …

This is my first job. The atmosphere at work is friendly, relaxed and the team is always open for questions and to help you, which is crucial for those of us who have just started.

After some time of onboarding I got an opportunity to start to work on a project and to experience communication with clients.

Besides, everyday I have a chance to learn something new and to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Nikola Livada, Software Engineer

No matter how lucky and excited we are about the new start and the new job, it may bring us huge stress. I remember my onboarding experience.

Now I can say that it was an amazing experience, and maybe the crucial part of someone’s adaptation to the new team and culture! Everyone was there for me and the tone of my questions! I loved our coffee breaks and chats at the terrace and that really helped me to feel like being a member of a team from the very first week.

I see how important that is for all others who came after me.

Marina Bartulov, Software Engineer

In Antech Consulting I am surrounded by positive, hard working people, who are driven with the strong will to learn and be mentored.

I am working on challenging projects and being fully enabled by the company to be as productive as possible. That is why I have an opportunity to grow as a software engineer.

Finally, crucial things here are knowledge sharing and a healthy working environment which includes open and transparent communication at all levels.

Miloš Obradović, Software Engineer

In the beginning, when I just got employed, I was thinking about how I was going to fit in and if I would fulfill my colleagues’ expectations.

Fortunately, the atmosphere was great because my colleagues were so welcoming. People are very polite and they are all ready to help.

This support permitted me to grow and develop very fast. The relationship with owners and managers is so superior that it cannot go unmentioned. They are very supportive and always there to listen and to help us when we need it.

Stefan Bugarinović, Software Engineer

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