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Development of the frontend part of client applications for multiple online marketplaces under a prominent multinational beauty and cosmetics conglomerate.

The aim was to build scalable and modular applications using a micro frontend architecture, allowing for independent development and deployment of various brand-specific marketplaces while maintaining a cohesive user experience.


The purpose of this product is to address the partner’s need for unifying the frontend (FE) aspect of all applications while reducing maintenance costs and modernizing the project.

Adoption of a micro frontend concept allows changes to be made in one central location and then automatically propagate changes throughout the entire system as needed, streamlining the update process.

Partners need

The partner with whom we collaborated on the project had a strong customer-centric need to provide a consistent shopping experience across all their brands.

Their goal was to enhance customer personalization and satisfaction by introducing new, specific features such as click and collect, customizing orders, and engraving options.


This project has resulted in a unified shopping experience across the partner’s diverse brand portfolio, featuring customer-centric capabilities like click and collect, personalized orders, and versatile shipping options.

The unified application centralizes feature management, eliminating the need for separate deployments and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Empowering the partner to consistently deliver exceptional shopping experiences across their extensive range of brands.

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